Starter Kit Cobalt 3

our long range temperature & humidity monitoring solution Cobalt S3/L3 at special price.

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* Offer valid until June 30, 2017

Meet the new long range temperature & humidity monitoring solution!

All you need to know about Cobalt L3, our wireless and long range temperature & humidity monitoring solution, using the LoRaWAN™ protocol, is summarized in a 156 seconds video.

Watch it in action!

Keep the control over your cold chain, even on the move

Our innovative temperature monitoring solutions help you protect your sensivite goods during transportation

24/7 smart sensor monitoring for your labs, cold rooms, storage...

Thanks to our wireless monitoring solutions for temperature, humidity and other critical physical parameters, you keep an eye on the environment of your labs, cold rooms, incubators and other storage facilities from anywhere, at any time

Wireless connected solutions for temperature & humidity monitoring and beyond.
Innovative monitoring solutions to protect sensible products during their storage, production and transportation in pharmaceutical, healthcare, life science, agri-food and other industries
Monitoring- OCEASOFT
Don’t leave critical conditions unattended, monitor your storage equipment and facilities.
Alert icon - OCEASOFT
Unnoticed, a problem multiplies. Why not leverage instant notification to reduce risk?
Traceability - OCEASOFT
Does your sensor tracking solution pinpoint equipment problems reliably? It should.
Protection icon - OCEASOFT
Safeguard your valuable and sensitive products with 24/7 monitoring. Why take risks?

compliance icon - OCEASOFT
Need auditable monitoring that respects GxP guidelines in regulated environments?
On the move icon - OCEASOFT
Looking for an easy way to monitor temperature when delivering your products or samples?
Easy to use icon - OCEASOFT
Tired of cables and complex sensor solutions? Isn't it time to make your monitoring easier?
Peace of mind icon - OCEASOFT
Don't you have enough to deal with already without having to worry about your equipment?

Monitoring critical parameters 24 hours a day
Wireless sensor networking for your labs and storage
Smartphone smart monitoring apps
Monitoring extreme temperatures
Calibrate your sensors for greater precision
Monitoring critical parameters 24 hours a day
Data loggers - OCEASOFT
Automatic datalogging systems
Available sensors: temperature, relative humidity, CO2, differential pressure, 4-20 mA / 0-5 V output, dry contact.
Wireless sensor networking for your labs and storage
Temperature data logger Cobalt 2 - OCEASOFT
Don’t leave your storage unattended
Equip your facilities with a wireless sensors system to monitor the conditions that are important to you.
Smartphone smart monitoring apps
Wireless data loggers - OCEASOFT
Mobile access from anywhere

Login securely to all your sites and view the latest data from sensors in your labs and storage facilities.

Monitoring extreme temperatures
Temperature sensors - OCEASOFT
At home on any range
From -200°C to +1000° C, monitor the temperature of your specialized equipment wirelessly and effortlessly.
Calibrate your sensors for greater precision
Certified calibration services - OCEASOFT
Certified calibration services
OCEASOFT has an in-house ISO/IEC 17025-accredited laboratory to calibrate sensor for a variety of target ranges and applications.

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11 May
In our next webinar, you will discover a global temperature monitoring approach resulting from an innovative vision covering the entire cold chain, from the first mile to the last mile. Book your spot now!
09 May
Be one of the 10 first to book a demo with the OCEASOFT team at the Food Safety Summit 2017 (Rosemont, Illinois) and get a free OCEASOFT Atlas™ datalogger*!
16 Mar
Do you want to learn how to stay fully compliant with strict regulations and guidelines, such as FDA 21 CFR part 11, GxP, ICH…? Don't miss the opportunity! Watch our webinar and discover how flexible OCEASOFT environmental monitoring solutions can handle your challenges and specific needs.
15 Mar
On the occasion of the Clinical Trial Supply Europe 2017 - March 15-16,2017, Barcelona - we will unveil OCEAClinic™, a new solution specially designed to meet cold chain monitoring needs in the clinical trials industry.
15 Mar
OCEASOFT would like to cordially invite you to attend the Clinical Trial Supply Europe 2017 and the Temperature Maintenance of Pharmaceuticals in Distribution conference which are taking place on the 15th-16th March in Barcelona, Spain. Use our reference code and get your FREE* place!
27 Feb
Be one of the 10 first to book a demo with the OCEASOFT team at the Cold Chain GDP & Temperature Management Logistics Summit CANADA and get a free OCEASOFT Atlas™ datalogger*!
20 Feb

OCEASOFT, has developed two innovative tools to streamline the high-volume management of its Bluetooth®-enabled dataloggers products.

06 Jan
Learn how our automation tools optimize Cold Chain Monitoring management for high volume shipments. Watch our webinar!
28 Dec
Be one of the 10 first to book a demo with the OCEASOFT team at the 16th Temperature Controlled Logistics Meeting and get a free OCEASOFT Atlas™ datalogger*!
07 Nov
By 2018, 1 out of every 2 healthcare products will be sensitive to temperature excursions and will require Cold Chain monitoring. Meet Atlas, a single-use Bluetooth®-enabled datalogger that helps you keep the control over your cold chain during long-haul shipments

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