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Don't worry about a thing. Our alert system will let you know if any unexpected changes occur in your monitored areas.
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How do you want your alerts?

Phone, fax, e-mail, text message...

Monitoring systems are only as good as the information they provide you. An alert system that is responsive to unexpected changes can bridge the gap between your equipment and yourself, wherever you may be, whenever the anomaly occurs. The OCEASOFT Alarm Management System (AMS) is an integral part of the Cobalt software solution, watching over your data to make sure it stays within the target range. If not, it knows how to reach you by phone, fax, e-mail or instant message.

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Keep connected with ThermoClient Mobile

The mobile complement to your Cobalt datalogging system

ThermoClient® Mobile is a free application that gives you an easy way to look up on information recorded by your OCEASOFT Cobalt™ wireless monitoring solution using your smartphone or tablet. If you receive an alert, simply use ThermoClient Mobile to check wireless module and sensor status.

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