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On the move

Cold chain monitoring on-the-move

OCEASOFT mobile temperature monitoring solutions provide all the tools you need for end-to-end tracking of your temperature-sensitive deliveries and packages.
Mobile monitoring solutions
Place this temperature tracker in your packages and shipments and use your smartphone to collect and share data wirelessly using your smartphone.
Temperature & light sensor

Autonomous datalogger for mobile monitoring. Connects wirelessly to your ThermoServer as the ideal mobile complement to your fixed Cobalt network.

Dockable tracking solutions
Software configurable credit-card and button sized temperature and humidity dataloggers that connect easily to your PC with a convenient USB cradle.
Protect the cold-chain during transport - OCEASOFT

Protect the cold-chain during transport

Expand your Cobalt wireless monitoring system with mobile temperature tracking devices
OCEASOFT solutions give you an easy way to protect the cold-chain during transport and delivery of your pharmaceutical, medical, and food products. Complete data logging solutions are available for monitoring refrigerated compartment conditions continuously, keeping you informed of temperature variations and door opening so you can react quickly in case of need.
Mobile temperaturing monitoring solutions - OCEASOFT

Mobile temperaturing monitoring solutions

Autonomous temperature dataloggers with smartphone connectivity

OCEASOFT makes temperature monitoring simple with mobile temperature dataloggers  that let you use your smartphone to check the readings wirelessly. No other complicated equipment, docking stations, or set up is required. Whether you need to ensure that the cold chain is respected during international shipping, or just keep an eye on local storage conditions, OCEASOFT makes your work easier than ever with  smartphone temperature monitoring and shipment wireless temperature sensor.

Mobile temperature and humidity tracking - OCEASOFT

Mobile temperature and humidity tracking

When all you need is a simple solution for tracking temperature and humidity

When your temperature and humidity monitoring requirements are relatively straightforward, and wireless connections don't have any particular value-added for your situation, a simple sensor module with a USB connection may be all you need. OCEASOFT offers several standalone datalogging solutions that are extremely convenient in terms of size and ease-of-use.

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