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Today's laboratories and storage facilities are increasingly filled with complex, critical equipment. Wireless monitoring solutions simplify everyday use, offering flexibility, mobility, and low cost of installation.
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Wireless monitoring solutions - OCEASOFT

Our solutions never lock you down

Your work environment is likely to be subject to ongoing evolution, with new layouts, staff, equipment, and needs.

That's why OCEASOFT has focused on providing modular and adaptable solutions that accompany you over time. With wireless monitoring solutions, it's easy to place your sensors where they need to be.

Network connectivity & cloud storage - OCEASOFT

Avoid unpleasant surprises thanks to network connectivity & cloud storage

With sensor data safely stored on your network or the Cloud, you'll be able to access all the latest readings at any time, from any location. With simple access from your computer or mobile phone, you can check status or followup on an alarm in just a few clicks.

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