Lab temperature monitoring systems- OCEASOFT


You can’t keep an eye on all your refrigerators, incubators, coldrooms, and storage facilities all the time, all by yourself (i.e -80 refrigerator cloud monitoring systems). Let OCEASOFT solutions monitor the conditions that are critical for your products and projects.
Mobile & fixed monitoring solutions
Cold-Chain monitoring - OCEASOFT

Mobile monitoring

Shipping, transport, and delivery solutions

When you have to ship temperature-sensitive goods, it’s essential to know whether or not the cold-chain was respected during transport. Goods traveling by truck, airplane, or refrigerated container may be subject to widely varying ambient conditions. OCEASOFT covers your mobile monitoring needs with several adapted solutions.

Cold storage monitoring - OCEASOFT

For your labs, equipment, and storage facilities

Wireless sensor networking and standalone monitoring solutions

Monitoring solutions enable you to deploy sensors in a wide variety of situations both wireless and USB-connected modules to track critical parameters. OCEASOFT software enables you to program your sensors to ensure that readings stay within the target range, allowing you to view data and generate reports at any time. Our wireless solutions also include a visual dashboard and an advanced alert notification system.

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