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peace of mind

Peace of mind

Knowing that your environment is being monitored at all times helps you free your mind for other things. The less you have to think about equipment reliability the better.
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Monitoring your equipment round the clock - OCEASOFT

Monitoring your equipment round the clock

Ensuring that critical environmental conditions stay within required ranges

Your products, projects, and research work are too valuable to take any risks with undesired changes in ambient conditions. OCEASOFT offers solutions to check whether or not storage and operating conditions are within their required ranges at all times, and if they are not, to inform you as quickly as possible. You can use your smartphone to view the latest readings on your remote sensors and see if there are any alarms that need to be handled, wherever you are.

Monitoring your equipment round the clock - OCEASOFT

Need to reorganize your workspace?

OCEASOFT's wireless monitoring solutions make it easy

Your lab layouts or storage facilities are subject to change over time, and cabled monitoring solutions are likely to be hard to move around.

With OCEASOFT wireless monitoring solutions, you can place all your temperature, CO2, humidity sensors, and more, wherever it's convenient for you. No cables to pull, no power supplies to worry about. And wireless range that is sure to meet your needs.

You'll be able to rearrange your space in compliance with the good practices in your sector.

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