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Find out about our wireless monitoring systems and wide variety of sensors protect your labs and storage facilities around the clock.
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Cobalt 2

OCEASOFT’s flagship monitoring system with one-touch setup, LCD displays, unparalleled wireless range and long battery life.

Cobalt 1

The original Cobalt module: great wireless connectivity and long battery life for external temperature or humidity/temperature sensors.

Advanced wireless temperature and humidity monitoring - OCEASOFT

Advanced wireless monitoring

Stay connected with your sensors

In laboratory and storage environments, each data logging module independently reads one or more connected sensors to record critical information continually. Environmentmal parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2, and more, are uploaded to a central server at regular intervals -- even from remote locations over the Internet. OCEASOFT wireless monitoring solutions give you complete control over module settings, alert limits, system users, and all your data, enabling you to keep connected to your critical projects and products at all times.

Advanced wireless temperature and humidity sensors - OCEASOFT

Set-up made easy

Wireless monitoring without any hassles

Wireless solutions are by far the easiest way to get a sensor monitoring system up an running quickly, particularly when you dont' have to deal with any cabling or power supply issues. OCEASOFT monitoring modules make the job even easier by offering extremely long wireless range and battery life that keep your long range sensors doing their job, day in and day out. You'll benefit from fast access to the information you need to protect your valuable goods and equipment.

Advanced wireless temperature and humidity data loggers - OCEASOFT

Knowledge is the best protection you can get

No one can guarantee that your freezers, refrigerators, incubators, and other climate-controlled storage equipment will never fail. However, you need to know for sure if they go down so that you can react quickly before their contents get comprimised. This applies to many sectors, from food and catering services to life science and biomedical research projects. With OCEASOFT solutions, you can protect yourself with the knowledge provided by your wireless long range sensors through an advanced, multimedia alarm management system.

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