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Your data is only as useful as your access to it. OCEASOFT solutions give you secure access to all stored sensor readings, along with the ability to print a variety of different reports.
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Wireless monitoring solutions - OCEASOFT

Your data when you want it

Local, network, cloud-connected

OCEASOFT sensor monitoring solutions store your data securely -- automatically for wireless solutions, or manually you synchronize standalone solutions via USB. Access and archive your information easily with user-friendly applications.

The Cobalt wireless monitoring solution can also replicate sensor data on the Cloud, providing an additional backup mechanism and making it easy for you to access all your sensor readings from any location.

Temperature monitoring reports - OCEASOFT

Flexible reporting

Create sensor and system reports easily

Generate reports with the information you need, including sensor readings, status, high-low-average readings, alarms and more. Reports can even be generated and printed automatically on a daily basis.

Temperature management software reports - OCEASOFT

Complete audit trail

Tracking of all system actions and interventions

ThermoServer, the server and data managment software for the Cobalt wireless monitoring system, keeps a detailed audit trail of every action performed by the system. This includes user interventions, sensor settings, updates, alerts, readings, errors, and more.

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