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Meet OCEASOFT Cobalt ML3!

September 23, 2017

Product release

Cobalt ML3 - Mobile temperature data logger - OCEASOFT

Tracking the temperature of sensitive and perishable products during transport is a real industry challenge. The growing requirement for traceability has led to increasing expenses related to monitoring the cold chain: it is expected that 6.23 billion dollars will be spent annually for monitoring by 2021*.


OCEASOFT, a member of the LoRa Alliance, developed the Cobalt ML3 solution to meet challenges in the transport industry. Cobalt ML3, a LoRaWAN wireless mobile temperature data logger, takes care of  traceability during product logistics phases, leveraging specialized long-range wireless technology.


The Cobalt ML3 solution has been chosen by Dispam Groupe 2M, a French expert in refrigerated truck transport, with a deployment in progress for its entire vehicle fleet to ensure end-to-end temperature tracking for its customers.


The solution automatically collects temperature data recorded by Cobalt ML3 modules and transfers the information to a secure Cloud platform via a network of receivers using the LoRaWan protocol.


Now, with the new solution from OCEASOFT, no human intervention is needed to ensure continuous temperature monitoring across the entire logistics cold chain.

Cobalt ML3 can also use the public network to upload geolocation information about a container or vehicle.


Meet the mobile temperature data logger Cobalt ML3, the latest solution for handling the challenge of monitoring sensitive products throughout the cold chain.


(*)Source : 2016 Biopharma Cold Chain Sourcebook 
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