Webinar: cold chain logistics issues, challenges & solutions | OCEASOFT
11 May

Webinar | From first mile to last mile: cold chain logistics issues, challenges, and solutions

Webinar: cold chain logistics issues, challenges & solutions | OCEASOFT


Today, cold chain logistics stakeholders are facing new challenges related to the increasing volume and value of thermosensitive products, while needing to ensure full compliance with increasingly stringent and numerous regulatory standards.

In addition to these new issues, market trends are impacting the entire supply chain, with factors such as serving an increasingly global market, controlling costs, adapting to technical constraints related to shipping, taking consumers' new habits into account, and more.

Likewise, pressure on cold chain management is even stronger when perishable food or pharmaceutical and biological products are concerned, since respect for the integrity of these products involves not only major financial concerns, but also - and above all - public health issues.


This webinar will give you an overview of the trends, issues, and challenges that are disrupting the cold chain logistics sector. 

We will introduce you to a cold chain monitoring offering comprised of innovative solutions that are truly adapted to every link in the cold chain - from the first mile to the last mile, matching all your logistics constraints, including storage, handling, and transportation phases, from the largest warehouse to the inside of your smallest product packaging.


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