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OCEASOFT designs, calibrates, and commercializes smart wireless sensors for monitoring physical parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and differential pressure for life science and agri-business industries.

Connected sensors

The data collected by these connected sensors is available to users on smartphones, tablets, and computers, enabling them to monitor and track products that are sensitive to environmental conditions. This includes vaccines, medication, and food, from their manufacturing processes and storage, up through shipping and delivery. The information collected by the company's sensors is then transmitted wirelessly for storage and analysis, including options to implement various types of automated alert systems in case anomalies are detected.

R&D Team

The result of over ten years of research and development, OCEASOFT's wireless sensor technology makes it easy to deploy and operate a large number of sensors, each with the benefit of very long-range wireless connectivity and low energy consumption. With worldwide wireless certification, this technology meets the growing needs in many industries to view, control, and analyze physical parameters. OCEASOFT offers a complete line of sensor-based monitoring solutions, including flexible and robust client-server wireless networking and mobile applications, for hospitals, research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, food services, perishable goods suppliers, as well as logistics, distribution, and shipping companies (ThermoScientific, BDF Beiersdorf, Chanel, GSK, Merck, UNICEF, Nestlé Waters, P&G Pharmaceutical, Danone, Sanofi, Novartis, Elior, Sodexo, Institut Pasteur, Dalkia, Lilly...)

Available Worldwide

OCEASOFT solutions represent a reliable way for clients to protect their goods and biological samples over the cold-chain in fixed and mobile situations. With its products distributed worldwide through a network of qualified distributors, and a growing portfolio of sector-leading clients, OCEASOFT meets monitoring needs by providing sensor-based solutions that respect the need for reliability and traceability.

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Quality and compliance

Key features of OCEASOFT solutions include: digital and analog sensor monitoring, programmable data transmission, a complete back-end data management, user access, and automated alert system. The company is a member of the French College of Metrology, has its own ISO 17025 (COFRAC) accredited laboratory for calibrating many types of sensors, including extreme temperature ranges.

Our vision

The company’s success in serving mission-critical applications has helped transform the company from an ambitious startup to an international leader in its field. OCEASOFT ambition is to become one of the world leader in intelligent and connected sensors for industries of life sciences, agrifood and environment.

Industry overview

In many industry sectors, there is an increasing need for monitoring temperature and other environmental parameters to ensure that products, ranging from perishable foods to blood samples to life-science research products, remain under tightly-controlled conditions. The requirement for reliable, traceable, monitoring is based many factors, including potential health dangers, financial risks, and regulatory constraints.
Labs, cold-rooms, and storage facilities of all kinds can easily be equipped with a variety of sensors to monitor specific conditions that are important for each specific situation. Many types of sensors are available to track projects, products and research projects that require stable conditions. With automatic datalogging systems, these conditions can be tracked 24 hours a day, and alerts can be sent automatically in case anomalies are detected.

Cobalt™ wireless monitoring system

Cobalt modules are highly reliable wireless dataloggers that reads connected sensors at programmable intervals, stores the data locally, and then transfers it wirelessly to OCEASOFT’s ThermoServer back-end system, which manages the data as well as automatic alerts. With industry-leading wireless range, reliability and efficient power usage, the company’s flagship Cobalt 2 modules feature an informative LCD display with latest reading, alarms, easy setup, and a wide range of supported sensors.

OCEASOFT Emerald, a smartphone- and Cloud-connected temperature tracker

OCEASOFT Emerald brings temperature tracking right to your smartphone. With its Bluetooth®  connectivity and small size, Emerald fits easily into nearly type of container or enclosure. A practical solution for tracking temperature at a fixed location, Emerald also offers specific features for mobile temperature tracking and data sharing via the Cloud. Place Emerald inside a crate or package and use the app to check it at different locations. Each time you read Emerald, the data – complete with geolocation information from your phone – can be uploaded to the Cloud and accessed from anywhere in the world.

ISO IEC 17025 - Accredited calibration laboratory


OCEASOFT's metrology lab can calibrate or recalibrate all types of sensors, dataloggers, and temperature control equipment, both for new and existing customers and candidates seeking ISO 15189  accreditation, as well as laboratories that are already ISO 17025 (COFRAC) certified. OCEASOFT offers a full-service laboratory that performs calibration over the entire measurement chain (PT100, digital modules, etc.) for temperatures as high as 196°C and ranging from -80°C to +150°C. 

  • Contact us about calibrating or recalibrating any brand equipment.
  • Sensors in OCEASOFT products are typically calibrated by the OCEASOFT laboratory before being shipped to customers. 
  • You may download OCEASOFT's complete COFRAC 17025 certificate by clicking here.
Member of the Bluetooth® SIG

OCEASOFT is a member of the Bluetooth® SIG.

Bluetooth SIG - OCEASOFT


The OCEASOFT Emerald module integrates Bluetooth® Smart technology.



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