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Temperature sensor and data logger calibration by OCEASOFTComplete in-house calibration services


OCEASOFT has an in-house ISO/IEC 17025-accredited laboratory to calibrate a variety of sensors for different target ranges and applications. The following certification options are available, depending on the product type and your requirements:

  • Traceable to 17025: Official Cofrac(1)  calibration by the accredited OCEASOFT laboratory for customers  with specific quality system requirements.
  • Traceable to NIST(2): OCEASOFT calibration using a NIST-calibrated reference chain
  • Traceable to System International: OCEASOFT calibration  using a 17025-calibrated reference chain

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Our wireless sensors are typically calibrated by the OCEASOFT laboratory before being shipped to customers. They are accompanied either by an official Cofrac certificate or an OCEASOFT certificate (which is downloadable via the ThermoClient software directly). These certificates contain individual correction parameters based on linear regression for use in OCEASOFT’s ThermoClient software.

The OCEASOFT laboratory also offers both Cofrac-accredited and traceable calibration services for non-OCEASOFT products. For this, customers must provide the complete measurement chain. Please contact us for more information.

External digital temperature and dual temperature/humidity wireless sensors on Cobalt 2 and Cobalt 1 modules may be recalibrated by standard exchange. In this case, OCEASOFT sends you a new sensor and you return your old sensor after swapping them at your site, which enables you to avoid down-time or traceability interruptions(3). PT100 sensors are generally recalibrated at your site by a qualified technician. Sensor drift may also be calculated to establish consistency over time for external temperature sensors.
(1) French National Accreditation Committee, France. 
(2) National Institute of Standards and Technology, federal technology agency, United States.  
(3) Standard exchange is only offered for external digital sensors, as the entire measurement chain is contained within the sensor itself, independently of the Cobalt module that transmits the signal transparently. A decontamination certificate is required.


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