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Product Safety - USB notice - Limitations & Liabilties

Safety notice

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use OCEASOFT products for protection or as part of automated emergency system or as for any other application that involves protecting people and/or property. Customers and users of OCEASOFT products are responsible for making sure that the product is fit for the intended usage. Do not open the product casing and do not disassemble or modify internal components in any manner. OCEASOFT products do not contain any internal components that require user intervention or repair. If a product shows signs of improper operation, disconnect it immediately from its power source and contact OCEASOFT technical services.

USB receivers

All OCEASOFT USB products and drivers are tested thoroughly. However, it is not possible to test and qualify all computers, operating system versions, and configurations. Our experience has shown there are some variations in USB hardward physically implementated by computer manufacturers. It is therefore important for users to avoid unnecessary risk by testing the products and validating processes internally to ensure stability and reliability of USB communications in their environment.

Disclaimer and limitation of liability

OCEASOFT assumes no responsibility for any loss or claims by third parties which may arise through the use of the products or services described in this Web site. The content provided in this Web site is non-contractual and subject to change without notice.

OCEASOFT and its distributors shall not be held responsible either directly or indirectly for cost, damage, expenses and legal fees, or personal injury related to the use of OCEASOFT products, even in the case of faulty design or manufacturing of said products. OCEASOFT products, including accessories and replacement parts, are provided as-is without any additional warranty, explicit or implied, with respect to files, their suitability for a particular application, their quality, their commercialization or any other related aspect.

The seller’s and creator’s liability with respect to the product warranty is strictly limited the amount paid by the client for said product. Under no circumstances shall the seller or creator assume responsibility for any damage or prejudice whatsoever, direct or indirect, specific or consequential, particularly with respect to any down-time, loss of data, or any other financial loss resulting from the use or impossibility to use the products, even if OCEASOFT is aware of the potential occurrence of said prejudice. The product seller and creator advise each product user to verify the results of using these files, and neither the seller nor the creator shall be held liable for any damage related to using the delivered product. OCEASOFT informs all future buyers and user of its products that without the above limitations, OCEASOFT products would not be able to exist.


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