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Wireless temperature monitoring system Thermoclient Mobile - OCEASOFT

Monitor your Cobalt wireless sensors on the go!

ThermoClient® Mobile is a free*, easy-to-use app that displays the details of your OCEASOFT Cobalt™ wireless datalogging networks. ThermoClient Mobile connects securely to your Cobalt system over the Internet or Wi-Fi so you can check up on the latest sensor readings and settings, and monitor alarms anytime and anywhere.

ThermoClient Mobile is the perfect complement to your existing system, giving you direct access to your remote sensors using your iPhone 4, iPhone5, or iPad. Now you don’t have to be tied to your computer to check the latest readings to make sure all is well at your lab or storage facility.

OCEASOFT datalogging solutions help you respect cold chain and temperature control requirements for life science, food, and storage applications. Cobalt wireless modules can be equipped with a variety of sensor types, including temperature, humidity, CO2, differential pressure, and voltage sensors. Internal and external sensor options are available, depending on the target application, such as monitoring ambient temperatures, food products, incubators, or freezers. By using Cobalt wireless modules to monitor critical parameters you can protect your critical biological samples, biological materials.

Use ThermoClient Mobile to keep in touch with your laboratory and storage facility sensors from home, work, and on the go, and rest assured that your critical work is being monitored 24 hours a day, every day.

  • Get mobile access to your sensor networks from anywhere in the world
  • Login securely to all your sites
  • View latest data from sensors in your labs and storage facilities
  • Access sensors with alarms directly
  • Connect to our sample database using ThermoClient Mobile in demo mode

*  Requires OCEACloud subscription.

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