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Cold chain monitoring for transports & logistics

Cobalt ML3, LoRaWAN™-enabled monitoring solution for shipping & logistics
OCEASOFT Atlas™, cold chain monitoring on the move
Emerald™, transport temperature monitoring solution
OCEABridge™ automatic data collection for Atlas™ & Emerald™ temperature dataloggers
OCEASOFT Loading Bench* for automatic Bluetooth® temperature data logger programmation
Cobalt M, temperature & light monitoring on-the-move

Long range temperature & humidity monitoring

Wireless, connected, and multi-parameters monitoring solution with touchscreen
Cobalt L3, LoRaWAN™-enabled solution for long temp & humidity range monitoring

Wireless dataloggers for environmental monitoring systems

Cobalt 2, wireless temperature monitoring module
Cobalt 2, wireless temperature and humidity monitoring module
Cobalt 2, wireless module with precision probe
Cobalt T, wireless module with triple sensor
Cobalt 2, wireless monitoring module
Cobalt 2, wireless monitoring module
Cobalt 2, wireless monitoring module
Cobalt 1 wireless datalogger
Cobalt 1 wireless datalogger

Alert solutions

OCEAlert™: automated alerts generation by phone or text-message
Wireless siren
TCP/IP alert solution for Cobalt

USB-connected sensors

LogTag datalogger
LogTag datalogger
ThermoTracer datalogger

PC, web & mobile softwares and applications

ThermoServer / ThermoClient 5
ThermoClient Mobile & Tablet
OCEAView app for smartphone, tablet & PC


Manage your OCEASOFT Emerald™ and Atlas™ temperature monitoring dataloggers

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