Agri-food temperature monitoring solutions

Environmental monitoring systems for the agri-food sector


Agri-food temperature monitoring solutions Between now and 2050, global agri-food production will be equal to that of the previous 8,000 years!

Conscious of these challenges, the agri-food industry continuously strives to supply quality products that are both healthy and safe for the consumer. The globalization of the marketplace, along with food safety incidents, has been incentive enough for governments to reinforce and regulate every stage of production and distribution in order to control the cold chain. Today, the demonstration of cold chain compliance is absolutely essential in the case of an audit.

 OCEASOFT develops, calibrates, and markets connected wireless dataloggers that address the international food hygiene issues. The complete range of Cloud-connected static and mobile solutions is designed to monitor the temperature and other physical parameters of perishable products and foodstuffs at production and storage locations, as well as during their transportation. This is in compliance with the HACCP guide, the FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act), the Hygiene Package, and the NF EN 12830 standard.

The different technologies (wireless data transmission, SIGFOX™, Bluetooth®-Low Energy, etc.) or communication protocols (LoRaWAN™) managed by OCEASOFT’S teams of engineers means that the different temperature and humidity monitoring issues can be addressed for every agri-food stakeholder: research laboratories, agri-food production, hotel and restaurant catering, public sector veterinary laboratories, restaurant owners, etc.

Easy to set up and use, OCEASOFT solutions will very quickly ensure reliable monitoring and tracking, without interfering with team productivity. 

Mobile monitoring solutions

Mobile monitoring solutions - OCEASOFTThe mobile monitoring solutions allow you to continuously monitor the temperature of your products during transportation. With the standalone Bluetooth® temperature dataloggers, Emerald™ (complies with the EN 12830 standard) and Atlas™, you improve cold chain reliability. The Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity that equips both of these temperature dataloggers allows you to remotely access your data, even through packaging. Setting your parameters, reading, analyzing, and exporting your data couldn’t be easier with the OCEAView™ application.

Storage monitoring solutions

Storage monitoring solutions - OCEASOFT

OCEASOFT's connected and wireless solutions monitor the critical environmental parameters of perishable foodstuffs and products in the storage, preparation, transformation, and research stages in your cold rooms, freezers, fridges, etc.

Keep the control over your cold chain with our Cobalt™ range, designed to meet the needs in temperature monitoring for static environment.

Tracking & data analysis

Tracking & data analysis - OCEASOFTWhether they are to monitor storage or transportation, your connected sensors are all coupled with software and web, smartphone, and PC applications developed to ensure complete and reliable tracking that meets the highest standards. Your automatically-generated audit reports can be exported in different formats. Data storage on a server or OCEACloud™ is unlimited.

The OCEASOFT internal metrology laboratory, accredited according to the COFRAC ISO/IEC 17025, calibrates all types of sensors and guarantees the reliability of our sensors as well as the precision of their readings. You now have all the tools at your disposal to attest to the conformity of our monitoring solutions according to the HACCP, the FSMA, the Hygiene Package, and even the EN 12830 standard.

Alerts management

Alerts management - OCEASOFT

Our alerts and alarm management system is another key component of our monitoring solutions. It signals any excursions or discrepancies in the monitored parameters, minimizing the risks associated with the storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive products. Transmitted in real time via your medium of choice (fax, email, SMS, audible and visual alarms, etc.), the alerts allow you to make an immediate correction, if needed.

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