Cold chain monitoring in logistics industries

Cold chain management in transportation


Cold chain management and monitoring in Logistics & Transportation concerns all stakeholders in research, health, the pharmaceutical industry, and the agri-food industry, from storage to delivery to the patient or the consumer. Here, the term “chain” takes on all of its significance because there can be no weak link if the end-to-end safety and conformity of the products is to be maintained.

Cold chain monitoring solutions for logistics - OCEASOFT

In the pharmaceutical industry, global losses linked to breakdowns in the cold chain during transportation are already estimated to be over $35 billion! And this is only the beginning since, in 2018, 1 out of every 2 health products will be sensitive to temperature excursions. To face these new challenges, regulatory standards are getting tougher and tougher (Good Distribution Practices) forcing industry professionals to equip themselves with even more effective controlled-temperature monitoring and tracking solutions.

The globalization of markets, and the circulation of food products on an international scale, forces the agri-food industry to manage transportation under the strictest temperatures. Within this scope, governments around the world reinforce and regulate every stage of logistics and distribution (HACCP, Hygiene Package, EN 12830). The risk to public health is such that it is crucial to be able to demonstrate cold chain compliance in case of an audit.

In order to be in a position to achieve the highest level of reliability possible, comply with regulations in effect, guarantee full transparency, and supply auditable reports, transportation & logistics professionals, wholesalers, distributors, and originators need simple, reliable, and comprehensive temperature monitoring solutions. These solutions must allow for more control points, reduce excursion risks, issue real-time alerts in case of discrepancies, provide permanent data access, etc.

OCEASOFT has developed monitoring solutions that specifically meet the needs of this logistics chain.

Mobile monitoring solutions

Mobile temperature monitoring solutions - OCEASOFTMobile temperature monitoring solutions for controlled or refrigerated environments allow you to simply and reliably monitor your products and molecules during transportation, in insulated containers or coolers, refrigerated trucks, etc., 24/7.

You maintain complete control over the cold chain with standalone Bluetooth® temperature dataloggers, Emerald™ (in compliance with the EN 12830 standard) and Atlas™. With Bluetooth®-Low Energy connectivity, you can access your data through packages and with the OCEAView™ mobile application, you can set your parameters and access your data from wherever you are using a smartphone, a tablet, or a PC.

Our connected sensors allow for remote 24/7 monitoring of perishables. OCEASOFT Emerald™ and OCEASOFT Atlas™, Bluetooth® temperature dataloggers, help you maintain the cold chain during the crucial transportation of your temperature-sensitive products.

Storage monitoring solutions

Storage monitoring solutions - OCEASOFT

In the logistics chain, the storage stage is a key moment in preserving the integrity of products, specimens, and sensitive foodstuffs. Receiving and storage areas or cold rooms must be monitored and equipped with alarm and alert systems 24/7.

OCEASOFT has developed a range of connected wireless solutions that use next generation connectivity systems (Sigfox™ network, LoRaWAN™ communication protocol, wireless data transmission, Bluetooth®-Low  Energy, etc.) capable of monitoring critical physical parameters: temperature, humidity, light, etc. to ensure the protection of at-risk products.

Tracking & data analysis

Tracking & data analysis - OCEASOFTOCEASOFT’s web, smartphone, and PC applications read and analyze data, automatically generate reports, export them in different formats, and even store readings on a server or the Cloud. Developed to comply with the strictest regulations, such as the CFR21PART11 standard, this software provides continuous tracking.

Reliability is also the primary concern of our metrology laboratory, accredited according to the COFRAC ISO/IEC 17025 standard. Calibrating all types of sensors, the latter guarantees the precision of sensor readings.

Alerts management system

Alerts Management Systems - OCEASOFTOur alerts, triggered in real time, generate notifications of temperature excursions or discrepancies detected by our Cobalt, Atlas™, or Emerald™ solutions. Depending on your needs or preferences, you will be alerted by a visual or audible siren or a message via email, fax, phone, or SMS. This system provides you with a quick response to prevent the loss of merchandise, food, or any other sensitive product.

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