Environmental monitoring systems for the pharmaceutical industries

Temperature monitoring for pharmaceutical products


Monitoring solutions for pharmaceutical industries - OCEASOFTRegulatory standards in the pharmaceutical industry are getting tougher and tougher forcing industry professionals to equip themselves with even more effective environmental monitoring and tracking solutions

Molecules tested in the preclinical stage or tested during clinical trials, like pharmaceutical products (medications, vaccines, etc.) in the manufacturing then storage stages, must be monitored in real time in your thermal test enclosures, storage area to prevent any temperature excursions or any discrepancies in terms of CO2 levels, humidity, differential pressure.

OCEASOFT’s connected and wireless solutions meet the strictest regulations such as FDA's  21 CFR Part 11, as well as the standards defined in the Good Manufacturing and Good Distribution Practices guides, The ATP Treaty, the FD X 15-140, QI-QO, etc. and provide complete monitoring and tracking of the critical physical parameters of your sensitive products.

Storage monitoring solutions

Storage monitoring solutions - OCEASOFTOur monitoring solutions for storage installations (cold rooms, freezers, nitrogen tank, etc.) constantly monitor temperature and many other critical physical parameters: humidity, exposure to light, differential pressure, CO2 level, etc.

All of these parameters are continuously logged, this can generate real-time alarms and alerts in case of a discrepancy. You now have a reliable solution that meets your industry’s toughest standards and regulations.

Mobile monitoring solutions

Mobile monitoring solutions - OCEASOFTOCEASOFT mobile monitoring solutions easily and reliably monitor the temperature of your products and molecules during transportation, 24/7. Emerald™ and Atlas™, the standalone Bluetooth® temperature dataloggers in the OCEASOFT range, use Bluetooth®-Low Energy connectivity. Remotely accessed, they can read your data through packaging. There is no need to take them out of their box or container to access their data at intermediate points or at the destination. Other than saving valuable time, this innovation especially and significantly reduces temperature excursion risks.

Tracking & data analysis

Tracking & analysis - OCEASOFTCoupled with software and web, smartphone, and PC applications, data analysis, OCEASOFT’s connected sensors will track your critical parameters in both static and mobile situations.  Your audit reports are automatically generated and can be exported in different formats. Data storage, on a server or OCEACloud™, is unlimited and our software is developed to meet the strictest regulations, such as the CFR21 PART11 standard. Our internal metrology laboratory’s COFRAC ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for sensor calibrations furthermore guarantees the reliability of our sensors and the precision of their readings.

Alerts management system

Alerts management system - OCEASOFT

OCEASOFT's monitoring solutions are coupled with our alerts and alarm management system. With real-time notification of any excursions or discrepancies in the monitored parameters, these alerts considerably minimize the risks associated with the storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive products. Transmitted via your medium of choice (fax, email, SMS, audible and visual alarms, etc.), they allow you to make an immediate correction, if needed.

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