Environmental monitoring systems for research

Monitoring solutions for research & academics


Environmental monitoring systems for research - OCEASOFTThe fruits of your research are invaluable. Blood samples, stem cells, reagents, and bacterial cultures must be stored 24/7 in optimal conditions. Whether it’s the temperature in your cold room or cryogenic freezer, the differential pressure in clean rooms, CO2 levels, or the environmental parameters of incubators, OCEASOFT offers a range of connected wireless solutions that can guarantee both reliable and reassuring monitoring when paired with a real-time alert system.

Storage monitoring solutions

Storage monitoring solutions - OCEASOFTOur storage solutions continuously monitor the parameters that are essential to the preservation of your sensitive products: temperature, relative humidity, day/night light cycles, differential pressure, CO2 levels. Our solutions adapt to your storage space and meet the most restrictive regulations and requirements of your sector, such as the FDA's 21 CFR part 11, NF EN 15189 and FD X 15-140 standards.

Mobile monitoring solutions

Sensitive products - such as biological samples or vaccine  - temperature monitoring is made easy and reliable with our autonomous monitoring solutions, even during transportation. You maintain complete control over the cold chain with standalone Bluetooth® temperature dataloggers Emerald™ and Atlas™. With Bluetooth®-Low Energy connectivity, you can access your data through packages, which reduces both human handling and the risk of temperature excursions. With the OCEAView™ application, set your parameters and access your data from wherever you are using a smartphone, a tablet, or a PC with Internet access

Tracking & data analysis

Tracking & data analysis - OCEASOFTOur software suites and mobile and web applications are key features of our monitoring solutions: not only do they allow you to configure the modules but they also collect, store, and analyze the data logged by our sensors. Our internal metrology laboratory’s COFRAC ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for sensor calibrations guarantees the reliability of our sensors and the precision of their readings.

Alerts management

Alerts management - OCEASOFTWith our alert solutions, you manage alerts and are kept informed, in real time, of any excursion or non-conforming event. These real-time alerts enable rapid response and minimize the risks associated with the storage and transportation of sensitive products.

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