Hospitals and Labs monitoring systems

Monitoring solutions for the health sector


Monitoring solutions for the health sector - OCEASOFTAs a stakeholders in the health sector, Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing homes, Blood banks, Laboratories, etc., you need to be sure that the critical physical parameters of your sensitive products (medications, vaccines, blood bags, and other biological samples, etc.) are monitored 24/7 by an alert system in accordance with standards in effect.

OCEASOFT’s connected wireless solutions are designed to help you maintain stable environmental conditions. Associated with our real-time alert systems and tracking and data analysis software – meeting CFR 21 part 11 and ISO EN 15189 standards – our temperature and other critical environmental parameter sensors (humidity, CO2 level, differential pressure, etc.) provide 24/7 monitoring and complete parameter tracking. Whether you oversee a refrigerated storage area, are a quality manager, or are responsible for your firm’s entire cold chain, our solutions will help you to counter risk and uphold the highest standards.

Storage monitoring solutions

Storage monitoring solutions - OCEASOFTOur goal is simple: to provide you with a simple and reliable monitoring solution so you can focus on your core business. Avoid losing your sensitive products because of an improperly closed door, a freezer breakdown, or an insufficient level of CO2 in a nitrogen tank for example. With OCEASOFT's Cobalt™ range, connected and wireless monitoring and tracking solutions, you can be sure you are always in control, complying with standards, and reducing the risk of financial loss.

Mobile monitoring solutions

Mobile monitoring solutions - OCEASOFTMobile monitoring solutions easily and reliably monitor the temperature of your products and molecules during transportation, 24/7. You maintain complete control over the cold chain with standalone Bluetooth® temperature dataloggers, Emerald™, and Atlas™. With Bluetooth®-Low Energy connectivity, you can even access your data through packages. With the OCEAView™ application, set your parameters in just a few clicks and access your data from wherever you are using a smartphone, a tablet, or a PC with Internet access.

Tracking & Data Analysis

Tracking & Data Analysis - OCEASOFTOCEASOFT has developed PC, web, and smartphone applications dedicated to environmental parameters monitoring . They are used to monitor, analyze, and store data logged by the OCEASOFT modules: ambient temperature, relative humidity, CO2 levels, differential pressure, dry contact, 4-20 mA / 0-5 V output. You can download reports, view graphs, export them, and even generate tables of precise data on the status and progress of your storage system. With the Bluetooth® connectivity of our standalone monitoring solutions and data collection via smartphone, data is automatically uploaded to the Cloud and you can even monitor geolocation data on your temperature-controlled environments during transportation.

Alerts management

Alerts management - OCEASOFT

Our Alarm Management System (AMS) ensures your equipment is monitored 24/7 and alerts you, in real time, of any excursion or out-of-bounds conditions. Receive your alerts via your choice of medium (email, SMS, fax, audible alarm, etc.) with our connected and flexible solutions.

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