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Wireless solutions for temperature & humidity monitoring, and beyond

“ Innovating for a safer world ”

OCEASOFT helps you take care of your sensitive products

OCEASOFT has developed innovative solutions to wirelessly monitor temperature, humidity, and a variety of other environmental parameters, allowing better compliance more easily, quality management, and traceability for life sciences, food, shipping, logistics, and pharmaceutical industries.

Cobalt X2 optimizes the protection of sensitive products in your laboratory equipment

Scroll down and watch our video to learn more about that new generation monitoring system
The 5 biggest challenges of food cold chain management | OCEASOFT
The 5 biggest challenges of food cold chain management
Hellman Calipar Healthcare Logistics Case Study - OCEASOFT
Hellman Calipar Healthcare Logistics
Data Loggers in Gene Therapy
Data Loggers in Gene Therapy
Cobalt 2 wireless temperature data logger
What is a temperature data logger used for?

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