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OCEAView, two applications for a complete Atlas, Emerald, and Cobalt X2 solution

OCEAView, web and mobile applications for Atlas and Emerald Bluetooth solutions, with LoRaWAN connectivity for Cobalt X2

OCEAView: access to Atlas, Emerald, and Cobalt X2 recorded data - OCEASOFT
Real-time alarms & alerts icon - OCEASOFT
Applications, gestion des alertes et outils d'automatisation
  • Keep control over your cold chain from your PC, smartphone, or tablet
  • Read data loggers wirelessly, worldwide, 24/7
  • Receive alarms and notifications directly on your mobile device
  • Use watch-mode to track modules during shipping
  • IOS and Android compatible mobile application


OCEAView is a two-part web and mobile solution for configuring and managing Atlas, Emerald, and Cobalt X2 modules, and for accessing data.

  • Supports fixed and mobile data loggers
  • Fast and easy access to data loggers
  • Remote access to data
  • Free mobile app. for iOS and Android
  • Geotagging with smartphone GPS
  • E-mail alerts generated by Cloud platform
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GDP


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How does OCEAView work?

  • The OCEAView mobile application is your direct connection with Atlas and Emerald Bluetooth-enabled data loggers.
    - Configures missions, sensor settings, startup mode, and more.
    - Reads data loggers wirelessly and uploads information to the secure OCEACloud platform and/or sends data by e-mail.
    - Provides a visual dashboard in Watch Mode to monitor nearby data loggers on a continual basis.
  • The OCEAView web application centralizes all missions and data transmitted to the Cloud.
    - Atlas and Emerald data loggers upload information via smartphone, tablet, or the automated OCEABridge gateway (optional).
    - Cobalt X2 transmits data directly to the OCEAView web application via a public or private LoRaWAN wireless network.
    - Manages user accounts and data loggers.
    - Live Mode enables you monitor modules, with location information from your smartphone or tablet for a convenient map view, along with readings, alarms, and other mission details.
  • Real-time alarm & alert management


Les atouts de OCEAView
  • Free OCEAView mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Fast access to readings, graph, alarm, and map
  • Reusable mission templates for easy programming
  • Watch Mode feature enables drivers to track modules during shipping
  • Alarm notification on smartphone/tablet screen; e-mail alerts sent by Cloud platform after data transfer
  • Remote data look-up and module management using the OCEAView web app
  • Developed in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11, GxP, HACCP & FSMA guidelines
  • Interface with third-party systems via API
Détails techniques
  • Wireless data logger communication with Bluetooth
  • Configurable data logging start time
  • Definable high and low limits, with delays
  • Password protection to prevent stopping or programming missions
  • Fast access to readings, events, and alarms
  • Stores up to 5 missions on smartphone or tablet
  • Automatic data transfer to OCEASOFT’s secure OCEACloud platform
  • Values displayed in °C or °F, in GMT or local time
  • Generates e-mail with mission report and attached CSV file with all information
  • Access to OCEAView Web application with Chrome, Safari and Firefox
  • Download complete reports in PDF, XLS, and CSV formats
  • Free OCEAView mobile app for iOS and Android
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