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People at the heart of our organization

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People at the heart of our organization

OCEASOFT makes talent development a top priority, and places people at the heart of its organization. Human Resources works to recognize, develop and keep talent, taking into account several aspects:



Recognizing the potential and skills of future employees is a crucial phase. Much more than simply verifying a candidate's abilities, it involves evaluating whether their soft skills are a good fit for the company's culture.

Soft skills ; Expertise



This phase is fundamental for new recruits. OCEASOFT places a particular focus on training and integrating new employees into the company culture.

Open house ; Integration plan ; Training



For OCEASOFT, developing employee skills is a point of pride. The Company therefore organizes several training activities, both internally and externally.

Skills development ; Training passport


Career management

From Day 1 at the Company, Human Resources supports and guides employees along their career path. 

Career path; Performance interview; Advice; Job mobility; Career shift


Talent developpement

Recognizing an employee's potential at the recruitment stage will help determine the next steps in bringing their talent to the forefront.


Talent "is a resource to be developed, and the company, to a certain extent, has a duty to help its talent grow" (Thévenet M. et alii, 2012). 



OCEASOFT takes a long-term perspective, opting for a pro-active and hands-on approach. The Company also works to strengthen the sense of commitment and belonging of its staff. 


Company culture

"The collection of shared experiences in the company which are developed and constructed, knowingly or unknowingly, throughout its entire history" (Thévenet M., 2015).

Human Resources works consistently to bring the company's culture to life.


Through these efforts, Human Resources provides OCEASOFT with the skills it needs to grow. HR is thus a strategic pillar in the company's overall development, both in France and internationally.