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OCEAView 2 mobile application


The OCEAView  mobile for smartphone and tablet enables you to configure and monitor your Emerald and Atlas data logger modules.

OCEAView uses Bluetooth to connect wirelessly so you can program and check the status of your modules and push data to the Cloud.

Download the application for free from the online stores for your mobile device.

Get OCEAView on Google Play - OCEASOFT    OCEAView is available on the App Store - OCEASOFT




Download User Manual (English, PDF)


OCEAView Cloud application

Use OCEAView Web to access information from your Emerald and Atlas modules on the Cloud.

OCEAView shows you if any modules have alarms, and enables you to export collected data and view a map of the places your modules were checked with the OCEAView mobile app.

Access OCEAView Web online for free:  www.oceaview.com


Download Cloud application User Guide (English, PDF)


Atlas and Emerald user guides

2nd generation models


1st generation models


OCEABridge - Bluetooth® gateway

OCEABridge is designed to interact with the following OCEASOFT products and applications:


  • Emerald™ modules: Bluetooth-enabled data loggers for monitoring temperature during shipping.
  • Atlas™ modules: limited duration Bluetooth™- enabled data logger for monitoring the cold chain on-the-go.
  • OCEAView: Web application dedicated to OCEASOFT’s Bluetooth™-enabled Atlas™, Emerald™, and Phoenix™ solutions.


The OCEABridge™ Bluetooth® gateway automatically detects all compatible OCEASOFT data logger within wireless range and collects the data stored in their memory.
The gateway is continually connected via the Internet to the OCEACloud platform, where data is transferred and available to users with the OCEAView™ web application.