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OCEASOFT equips unique scientific project with environmental sensors

June 08, 2016


HUman at home projecT - OCEASOFT

OCEASOFT (Alternext - FR0012407096 - ALOCA), designer of smart and connected sensors for various markets, will provide its first environmental sensors for use in an unprecedented scientific experiment to analyze the impact of connected sensors on people’s behavior and their daily habits over a full year. The project is managed by joint CNRS and University of Montpellier research laboratories.

World-premiere study

The experiment will begin in early 2017, taking place in a futuristic “observatory apartment” filled with connected objects and sensors. 42 sensors have been mapped out at this point in the project to measure temperature, humidity, noise, pollution, pollen, atmospheric pressure, position, ambient wireless radiation, and more. In particular, OCEASOFT will provide sensors from its Cobalt, Emerald, and Atlas product lines, as well as new-generation environmental sensors.


The apartment’s occupants will be able to use an application to evaluate their “degree of well-being” inside the apartment at any time. When an evaluation is performed, all physical parameters in the apartment are recorded and stored. Over the 12 months of observation, a group of experts comprised of movement researchers, human science specialists, lawyers, and even linguistics and marketing experts, will try to understand and analyze the impact of sensors and connected objects on the residents’ daily lives. 


Laurent Rousseau, OCEASOFT CEO, says:

“Initially imagined by Alain Foucaran, director of the Montpellier Institute of Electronics and Systems, and Malo Depincé from the Montpellier Dynamics of Law laboratory, this original project includes OCEASOFT as its industry reference for supplying environmental sensors. In addition to increasing our knowledge for bringing our future environmental sensors to market, this study will enable us to improve the features offered by our smart and connected sensors in order to be able to take predictive action to resolve conditions that are detrimental to people’s comfort.”


Multidisciplinary scientific project

OCEASOFT is involved with this collaboration-oriented and multidisciplinary project with several other key partners, including:

  • The CNRS and University of Montpellier “Dynamics of Law” research laboratory
  • The CNRS and University of Montpellier Institute of Electronics and Systems (IES)
  • Euromov, a European research center focusing on human movement and related applications concerning health, aging, physical activity, and ergonomics
  • Maison des sciences de l'homme, human sciences center in Montpellier, France
  • Omicron-Hardtech, manufacturer of electronic boards and systems
  • Polytech (IG-MEA)
  • The University of Montpellier EEA Master’s Program (Electronics, Electrical energy, Automation),
  • e-health chair, and Praxiling research laboratory
  • LIRMM, Montpellier Institute of Computer Science, Robotics, and Microelectronics
  • LAMETA, Montpellier Laboratory of Theoretical and Applied Economics
  • LIFAM, Innovation laboratory of architectural design and environments
  • MRM Marketing, Montpellier Research in Management laboratory
  • DMEM, Muscle and metabolism dynamics
  • Epsylon, laboratory specializing in health risk prevention
  • ITIC, Institute of Information and Communication Technoscience
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