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A comprehensive class-leading monitoring solution

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A comprehensive class-leading monitoring solution

Worry less. Monitor better.

When you need to ensure the integrity of sensitive products, research, and storage facilities that rely on specific and consistent ambient conditions, we know you have a lot on your mind.
OCEASOFT created an advanced environmental monitoring solution to help you stay informed about critical parameters and give you one less thing to worry about.

The OCEAView solution provides class-leading remote monitoring, data traceability, and alert notification based on OCEASOFT’s innovative wireless sensors and a web platform to implement flexible, connected, and auditable monitoring systems for all your needs.


3 pillars for a state-of-the-art solution


The OCEAView monitoring solution integrates sensors for your critical equipment, storage areas, and packages, with a robust web-based backend that gives you control over every aspect of your system.
• A complete range of sensors and calibration services
• Wireless connectivity with leading IoT technologies
• Continuous reading, data collection, and transfer
• Visual dashboards and system overview at a glance
• Cloud-based or entirely on-premises options


A key requirement in many sectors, traceability ensures your ability to demonstrate asset attributes over time, including a complete record of all alarms, user actions and acknowledgments, and system events. OCEAView provides a detailed audit trail to support your quality control and security procedures.
• Auditable, secure, and non-modifiable system log
• Complete history of all actions and events
• Downloadable graphs, sensor data, and device information
• Compliant with GxP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines
• Automated report scheduling


A monitoring system to detect anomalies and out-of-bounds conditions is only as good as its alerts! OCEAView enables you to set target ranges for sensor readings and benefit from flexible alarm management for fast 24/7 notification.
• Programmable ranges with up to four high and four low warning levels
• Integrated e-mail notification; SMS/text or voice call with optional OCEAlert service
• Technical alerts for sensors, data loggers, and receivers
• Wireless siren and dry contact controller alert devices


A comprehensive class-leading monitoring solution

Data loggers

OCEASOFT data loggers feature state-of-the art wireless connectivity to carry your data: LoRaWAN technology for long-range and/or Bluetooth for shorter range coverage.
• Cobalt X series (LoRaWAN/Bluetooth): up to 4 active measurement points, with touchscreen interface for readings, set-up, and alarm acknowledgment
• Cobalt L3 (LoRaWAN): internal or external temperature sensor; or external dual temperature/humidity sensor
• Cobalt ML3 (LoRaWAN): mobile temperature monitoring with one internal or external sensor
• Atlas/Emerald (Bluetooth): small footprint data loggers for mobile monitoring or for use as wireless sensors with Cobalt X data loggers


The OCEAView platform supports a wide range of sensors to monitor the environmental parameters that impact your invaluable assets, deliveries, and facilities.
• Temperature, humidity, CO2, differential pressure, 0-5V / 0-10V / 4-20mA, light, and dry contact sensors
• Wired and Bluetooth-enabled wireless sensors for flexible installation
• OCEASOFT Smart-Sensors with integrated calibration information to simplify sensor management and exchange
• NIST-traceable and ISO 17025 calibration with certificates


Wireless receivers installed at your site collect readings and other information from data loggers and forward it automatically to your OCEAView web platform.
• OCEASOFT LoRaWAN receivers: long-range wireless connectivity for OCEASOFT LoRaWAN-enabled data loggers
• OCEABridge Bluetooth receivers: smart data collection for nearby Atlas and Emerald data loggers or Cobalt X data loggers in Bluetooth mode
• Receiver network access via Ethernet, WiFi, or cellular data

OCEAView Cloud or On-premises options

The OCEAView web platform is the cornerstone of your monitoring solution, with robust and scalable web services aggregating all sensor and solution data, user management, alert notification, communication control, and much more.
• Cloud application based on world’s leading international web services
• On-premises version for 100% on-site setup
• System security, audit trail, and user authentication developed in accordance with FDA CFR Part 11, GxP, HACCP and FSMA guidelines

Web and mobile applications

OCEAView offers a user-friendly interface for your sensor monitoring, with a web application for use with a standard browser and a mobile application for managing OCEASOFT Bluetooth- enabled data loggers directly.
• Web application provides a rich front-end to manage your entire OCEAView solution, including sensor readings, alerts, users, licenses, reports, equipment, a complete Audit Trail, and more
• Mobile application for iOS and Android for total management of all your Atlas, Emerald, and Cobalt X data loggers in Bluetooth mode


OCEAView’s advanced alert notification mechanisms help lower risk and loss by keeping
you informed 24/7 in case of unexpected events or conditions.
• Alert scheduling with contacts and flexible workday, weekend, and day off settings
• E-mail notification (by default), text/ SMS and voice call alert notification with OCEAlert service (optional)
• LoRaWAN-enabled siren and dry contact alert devices for integration with your existing alarm system


OCEASOFT’s experienced engineers, field teams, and metrology experts proudly offer technical, training, sales, and calibration services to help make sure you get the most out of your OCEAView monitoring solution every day.
• In-house ISO 17025 calibration/metrology labs
• Pre-sales consulting and site surveys
• Post-sales support, installation/remote services, maintenance and support contracts
• Installation Qualification / Operational
• Qualification (IQ/OQ ) quality compliance documentation
• Operator/administrator training, data logging principles, wireless networking, calibration, metrology, and more


Data loggers compatible with OCEAView