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Monitoring for critical and regulated environments: Scalable, cost-effective, and compliant thanks to OCEASOFT wireless solutions

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Regional Sales Manager, Western US
Product Specialist - OCEASOFT

When you manufacture, handle, and store sensitive products, you need to rely on a compliant, reliable, and easy-to-use environmental monitoring system.
In this webinar, you will learn how the OCEASOFT wireless solutions fit your needs for traceability, while improving your monitoring process, and reducing your total cost of ownership.

COMPLIANCE – Find out how to comply easily with the latest and strictest industry standards and regulations (21 CFR Part 11, GxP, IQ/OQ, FSMA...)

SIMPLICITY – Discover how wireless connectivity and automated data retrieval simplify your monitoring processes and improve your responsiveness

EFFICIENCY – See how our advanced monitoring and alert management system helps to safeguard your investments in facility or supply chain

COST-OPTIMIZATION – Learn about a fully integrated solution that reduces your investment, installation, operation, and maintenance cost

Environmental monitoring is a key part of regulatory compliance, quality assurance, quality control and safety. An improperly closed door, damaged packaging, undetected power failure… Causes of excursions are many, difficult to control, and often result in significant financial losses.

Not only do you need to detect those excursions and correct them immediately, but you also have to analyze their origin, measure their impact, document your actions, and keep your budget under control. Additionally, you are required to do this without adding an extra burden to your team and to your infrastructure.

In this webinar, you will discover a versatile, scalable, and compliant environmental monitoring solution that can be customized to fit all your specific needs.

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