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Cobalt 2 - How it works

How OCEASOFT's wireless temperature monitoring solution works

  • Cobalt 2 wireless temperature data loggers are equipped with one or two sensors, either internal or external. These modules communicate with a receiver installed on the network or directly on the host computer. Installation may be handled automatically or manually.
  • Wireless data logger Cobalt 2 - OCEASOFT
  • Modules are installed to monitor equipment, laboratories, storage space, cold rooms, etc. Some modules are installed directly inside an area to be monitored, while others are used with an extension cable to place the sensor in the desired location.
    Temperature and humidity data logger Cobalt 2 - OCEASOFT
  • Sensors are programmed using OCEASOFT's ThermoClient application and then read on a regular basis by ThermoServer. The information is centralized and stored in a secure MySQL database.
    Temperature monitoring Software Thermoclient - OCEASOFT
  • Installed on an unlimited number of client computers and protected by individual passwords, ThermoClient is used to manage each module, related data, reports, and all aspects of system and user configuration.
    Temperature monitoring system - OCEASOFT
  • The Alert Management System issues an alert if a sensor reading exceeds the programmed upper and lower range limits. Alerts can be sent by automated voice message, e-mail, text/SMS, and more.
    Alert system for data logger - OCEASOFT


Cobalt 2 wireless temperature data logger - OCEASOFT

Everyday use and administration of the Cobalt wireless monitoring systemTemperature monitoring software Thermoclient - OCEASOFT

ThermoClient is a Microsoft® Windows based application that provides complete access to all the features of your wireless sensor network. This software covers everything from first-time module installation, to specific sensor settings, system users, data archiving, and more.


ThermoClient enables you to organize your sensors into logical groups, such as based on their location or department. A visual dashboard gives you fast access to the latest readings of every sensor, as well as a detailed log of readings over time. Clear color coding highlights any problems in your network.


Main features include:

  • Configures sensor reading and data transmission cycles
  • Manages users, passwords, and access rights (compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11)
  • Controls alert management system with call-groups and day/night/weekend/holiday settings
  • Generates reports and graphs in several formats


Includes FDA 21 CFR Part 11 features:

  • Readings and settings stored in secure database
  • Password protection
  • Audit Trail


ThermoClient is a simple executable file that Cobalt solution users can install (a single executable file with no installation process required) and run on unlimited number of PCs.


A robust architecture for collecting and accessing sensor data

Wireless temperature monitoring solution - OCEASOFT

ThermoServer is a Windows-based server architecture that serves as the cornerstone of the Cobalt wireless data monitoring system. ThermoServer components handle the system database, which may reside on the server or elsewhere on the network, as well as data collection, lookup, network management, alerts (see below), and more.

  • Provides core services for the Cobalt monitoring system
  • Collects data from Cobalt modules wirelessly  and automatically at programmed intervals
  • Secure SQL database and archive features (complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11)
  • Compatible with OPC gateway(1)


Wireless receivers are used to relay sensor readings from groups of sensors back to the main database. This network based architecture supports both local and wide-area networks. For maximum flexibility and scalability, receivers may even be installed to monitor Cobalt modules at remote sites, handling a nearly unlimited number of sensor end-points in a given system. Naturally, ThermoClient can also run on remote networks, connecting back to the main ThermoServer computer over the Internet.

Cloud connectivity

With ThermoServer, you may choose to replicate key sensor information on the Cloud(1). This not only provides an additional level of backup security, but it also enables users with OCEASOFT's ThermoClient Mobile application for iPhone® and Android® smartphones to check up on conditions back at the lab or storage facility at any time.

(1) Additional fees may apply


Keeping you informed in case sensor readings exceed their programmed limits.

The Alert Management System (AMS) is integrated tightly with the global ThermoServer architecture, watching over your data and alerting you in case readings are outside their programmed ranges. Reliability for this system is further enhanced by an internal monitoring mechanism that tracks all incoming sensor data to ensure that it is not only coherent with itself and that no data is missing, but also that it matches the expected configuration parameters. 


AMS issues alerts based on the information received by ThermoServer, notifying you on various types of media and devices, including fixed or mobile phones, SMS text message, fax, sirens, dry contact devices, e-mail, or printers depending on your configuration.

  • Issues alerts in case readings exceed configured limits

  • Supports automated voice calls, e-mail, SMS, printer, fax, dry contact alarm devices, and wireless siren

  • Fully compatible with OceaVoice Internet-based alert solution

  • Monitors proper operation of ThermoServer and alert media

  • Handles alert acknowledgement by users

  • Transmits alerts in case of technical or limit alarms

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