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Cobalt 2 : wireless temperature monitoring, and more

OCEASOFT’s Cobalt 2 system enables you to monitor temperature, pressure, humidity and other conditions in real-time wirelessly from a remote location.

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OCEASOFT specializes in wirelessly monitoring physical properties, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and CO2. OCEASOFT’s Cobalt 2 monitoring system enables you to monitor temperature, pressure, humidity and other conditions in real-time wirelessly from a remote location. Ensure ongoing measurement traceability by receiving alerts on telephone, by SMS, email or fax in case of problems.


The Cobalt 2 system is composed of three main parts.

  • The wireless module and it’s probe, which handle monitoring and data transmission; and the receiver, plugged into your computer or elsewhere on your network to collect data sent wirelessly.
  • The Cobalt wireless system is approved for use in all types of applications, including medical environments.
  • Data management and collections software that runs in client server mode so you can check information from any PC in your network.


The Cobalt system is both easy to set up, and modular. Start by installing ThermoServer software on your main computer. This software enables you to receive and analyze all the information sent by wireless modules. The wireless receiver can be plugged into the computer running ThermoServer or elsewhere on the network.


Wireless modules are easy to install without any tools.

  • Place the wireless module.
  • Place the probe and plug it in.


Cobalt wireless modules offer extremely long battery life, generally up to several years. Setup is automatic. All you have to do is press the button on the Cobalt module for 3 seconds to connect it with the receiver. If the wireless signal is not optimal, Cobalt attempts to find a better path by using other Cobalt modules to relay its signal up to the receiver. Take a look at this hospital installation. A wireless receiver is connected to the computer network in each building. Here, wireless modules are installed to monitor critical equipment such as: refrigerators, freezers and cold rooms. All remote readings are transmitted to the ThermoServer software installed on the central computer. ThermoServer analyzes the readings and then stores them in order to ensure complete traceability. The software also issues alerts if necessary and enables users to look up various information from their own computers.


Cobalt wireless modules are ideal for food related applications and cold chain monitoring, providing a practical way to transmit temperature readings reliably at production sites, supermarkets and restaurants as well as during transport. ThermoServer software provides faultless traceability for all measurements and it alerts you when problems are detected. The Cobalt wireless system can be adapted to all kinds of environments to monitor sensor devices, track remote readings and transmit alerts. It takes just 3 seconds to add new modules to your network.


OCEASOFT wireless solution is so easy to install and setup that devices can be moved around everyday if necessary.

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