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Discover Atlas, our Bluetooth-enabled disposable temperature data logger

Learn a whole new way to protect vaccines, samples, and other sensitive products from temperature excursions during long-haul shipments

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Michael Modjeska
Product Specialist | OCEASOFT

This webinars presents you Atlas, a single use temperature recorder for shipping

Monitoring the temperature of vaccines, biological products, or other sensitive goods throughout the cold chain is critical. Not only that, but standards and regulatory constraints increasingly require temperature monitoring to ensure people’s safety.


By 2018, 1 out of every 2 products in the pharmaceutical industry will be sensitive to temperature excursions and will require cold chain monitoring. Cold chain management has become a global public health issue as well as a major financial concern.


This webinar helps you to face those new challenges, presenting you an exclusive and innovative solution designed for mobility, cost-efficiency and temperature excursions control.


Find out how Bluetooth can help you protect vaccines, pharmaceuticals, biological samples, reagents, and other sensitive products from temperature excursions during shipment.


Discover Atlas, a Bluetooth-connected single use temperature recorder for shipping.


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