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Temperature & humidity monitoring for very large facilities using Cobalt L3

Discover the assets of OCEASOFT Cobalt L3

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Michael Modjeska
Product Specialist | OCEASOFT

Meet Cobalt L3, a long-range wireless LoRaWAN temperature sensor.

Temperature and humidity monitoring of sensitive products in multiple or very large facilities (production sites, storage...) can prove complex and costly.
Equipped with LoRaWAN technology, our Cobalt L3 solution offers wireless, very long-range connectivity, enabling simpliied installation, reduced maintenance costs, improved transmission quality and more reliable measures.

The assets of OCEASOFT Cobalt L3:

  • Very long-range connectivity through LoRaWAN technology (up to 15km)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy technology: secure data transfer and reduced energy consumption
  • Embedded calibration settings in the Smart-Sensors simplifying maintenance process
  • Easy access to data via PC, mobile, tablet through the CobaltView and CobaltSet applications.
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