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Simpler, faster, less expensive – yet compliant: how IoT is shaking up cold chain management

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Patricia BESSON
Head of Marketing & Communication - OCEASOFT
Product Specialist - OCEASOFT

Technology moves the cold chain industry forward just like any other sector. 
This is reflected in the new generation of temperature monitoring solutions, driven by a need for compliance, simplicity, timeliness, cost optimization, and patient or consumer safety. 
In this webinar, you will learn how the Internet of Things is transforming cold chain logistics and supply chain management. 

COMPLIANCE – Find out how to comply easily with the latest and strictest industry standards and regulations 

SIMPLICITY – Discover how automated data retrieval simplifies your temperature monitoring processes 

EFFICIENCY – See how a Cloud-based solution improves responsiveness in case of temperature excursions 

COST OPTIMIZATION – Learn about a fully integrated solution that reduces your investment, installation, operation, and maintenance costs 

An improperly closed door, damaged packaging, a container left too long on the tarmac, a sudden weather change…

Causes of temperature excursions are many, difficult to control, and often result in significant financial losses. As a supply chain stakeholder, you need to detect those excursions, analyze their origin, and measure their impact to better fulfill your mission: ensuring safe and compliant storage and transportation services. 

In this webinar, you will discover a fully integrated, IoT-based solution, that provides end-to-end traceability – from first- to last-mile, easy access to data, and low cost of ownership. 

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