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Keep your OCEASOFT solution running smoothly with our priority services

  • Technical support by e-mail or telephone
  • Remote configuration assistance and minor software upgrades
  • Corrective on-site maintenance and preventive functional checks
  • The OCEASOFT customer support team has unrivaled expertise helping clients maintain all their monitoring solutions, for temperature, humidity, and other physical parameters.

    OCEASOFT offers three maintenance contract options - Basic, Silver, and Gold - to keep your Cobalt wireless monitoring solutions  running smoothly for the long term. Our experience has shown that the most effective way to serve you is to connect remotely to your monitoring system and troubleshoot problems directly, under your direct supervision.

    Remote updates and installations

    In order to benefit from an OCEASOFT technical support contract for your Cobalt solution, you must authorize restricted remote access to your ThermoServer computer. Access is only possible with your explicit permission and supervision: you watch, we work! With a remote connection, our support teams can access your monitoring system directly to perform minor updates and assist you when installing new modules and when re-installing software.

    Custom service

    OCEASOFT's technical experts also support all solutions in our product and solution range, including Bluetooth Atlas and Emerald temperature data loggers, by e-mail or telephone. Contact us to find out how to access support services.

    Maintenance and support are provided by experienced, dedicated OCEASOFT technicians or authorized partners.

    Your maintenance contract is customized to match your specific needs, budget constraints, and installed solution. Contracts are designed to evolve with site size and complexity.

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