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From site surveys to user training for our monitoring solutions

  • Pre-installation audit
  • Initial on-site installation and configuration
  • Installation maintenance, including hardware, software, on-site metrology services
  • User training
  • OCEASOFT has spent many years designing user-friendly, easy-to-install solutions for monitoring temperature and other physical parameters. Nonetheless, it is often beneficial for our expert technicians to provide on-site services, notably depending on site size and configuration, as well as technical resources you may have available internally.


    OCEASOFT technicians offer you personalized assistance to help you obtain optimal results from your monitoring solution.


    Pre-installation audits

    An objective analysis of your site in the pre-sales stage can help ensure the robustness and performance of your solution. OCEASOFT installation specialists work with our the sales teams to identify challenges and address potential constraints by studying the layout of the equipment to be monitored carefully. Pre-installation surveys can be conducted on-site or using a floor plan. Surveys can include wireless range tests to determine the best placement for modules, sensors, receivers, and repeaters, as necessary. By helping you make the most appropriate decisions for your needs, our on-site technical expertise saves you time and money with optimized solutions, faster deployment, system sizing, and overall cost reduction.


    Installation and maintenance

    OCEASOFT technicians have unparalleled expertise installing and maintaining solutions for monitoring temperature and other physical parameters. Their know-how applies to both fixed and mobile monitoring solutions. Our technicians not only help you set up new monitoring solutions or replace existing installations, but they also install and update software and applications and possess the metrology skills required to replace sensors and configure every aspect of your solution.

    User and partner training 

    The OCEASOFT field team provides complete user training to help ensure the ongoing efficiency of your solution.. After a monitoring solution is installed, our technicians tell you and your teams everything about it, with training sessions tailored to users' real needs. This includes equipment maintenance (such as battery and sensor replacement), IT integration (such as with ThermoServer™ and alert services), data analysis and reports, alarm acknowledgment, and more.


    For OCEASOFT, training is a natural part of mutually beneficial partnerships. Our field teams continually share their expertise with authorized distributors, notably regarding site surveys, installation, and maintenance, helping them to provide the very best service quality to all users of OCEASOFT monitoring solutions.

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