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NIST-traceable sensor calibration

In-house ISO/IEC 17025 COFRAC-certified metrology laboratory

  • Calibration for sensors supplied by OCEASOFT
  • Calibration for sensors not supplied by OCEASOFT
  • Sensor drift calculation
  • OCEASOFT has its own in-house COFRAC-accredited laboratory complying with the rigorous ISO/IEC 17025 international standard. Our laboratory offers  NIST-traceable calibration for various sensors and different target ranges and applications. The laboratory also performs thermal mapping as an optional service. 
    The following calibration options are available, depending on your products and  requirements:
    • ISO/CEI 17025 COFRAC-certified calibration: COFRAC1 certification by the OCEASOFT-accredited laboratory for clients with specific quality system requirements
    • OCEASOFT-certified calibration:  OCEASOFT calibration using a COFRAC-certified reference chain
    • NIST2-traceable calibration: OCEASOFT calibration using a NIST-certified reference chain

    COFRAC and OCEASOFT calibration certificates

    NIST calibrationOur sensors are calibrated according to your specifications at the OCEASOFT laboratory before delivery. Sensors are accompanied by either a COFRAC   certificate or an OCEASOFT laboratory certificate. COFRAC certificates are only provided in paper format. For Cobalt sensors designed to monitor temperature and other physical parameters, OCEASOFT laboratory and NIST-traceable certificates can be downloaded directly from within the OCEASOFT ThermoClient software. Calibration certificates contain specific correction coefficients to fine-tune accuracy in ThermoClient software and on the device display.

    Sensor exchange service for easy recalibration

    External digital temperature sensors and dual temperature/humidity sensors in the Cobalt range can be recalibrated conveniently by exchanging sensors. With this service, OCEASOFT sends you a new sensor and you simply return your old sensor after handling the exchange on-site. This avoids down-time and traceability interruptions3.
    Pt100 sensors are generally recalibrated at your site by a qualified technician. OCEASOFT Smart Sensors may be exchanged directly Smart Sensors contain all the calibration correction coefficients , which makes exchanging even easier. OCEASOFT can also calculate sensor drift to ensure sensor performance over time.
    1 French accreditation committee (France)
    2 National Institute of Standards and Technology (United States)
    3 The sensor exchanging service is only available for external digital sensors and Smart Sensors, since the entire measurement chain is contained within the sensor itself, independently of the Cobalt module, which merely transmits the signal transparently. Please note that we can only accept sensors accompanied by a decontamination certificate.


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