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Cobalt X2, new-generation environment monitoring system

Data logger with 4 sensor channels and long-range LoRaWAN wireless connectivity for monitoring temperature, humidity, CO2, and more

Cobalt X2, new-generation environment monitoring system
Continuous monitoring for equipment and warehousing
  • Simplifies and optimizes your processes using original cutting-edge technologies
  • Strengthens product quality control while helping manage public health risks
  • Reduces risk of product damage, therapeutic inefficiency, and financial loss


Tomorrow's monitoring today…

The latest OCEASOFT data logger, Cobalt X2, revolutionizes equipment monitoring for temperature and other physical parameters. 

  • Color touch-screen with key information and alarm acknowlegment
  • Perfect for monitoring several pieces of equipment simultaneously
  • Any combination of up to 4 wired and/or Bluetooth wireless sensors (temperature, humidity, % CO2…)
  • Automatic sensor detection
  • Remote access to data
  • Real-time alarms and alerts
  • FDA 21 CFR 11, EN 15189, IQ, OQ, HACCP
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How does Cobalt X2 work?

  • The Cobalt X2 solution was designed to make installation as fast and easy as possible.
  • You generally only need one receiver to cover your whole site, even very large sites, thanks to the performance of LoRaWAN long-range wireless connectivity.
  • Simply place Cobalt X2 on one of the pieces of equipment you want to monitor, or set it up as a data collector for wireless sensors in your laboratory.
  • Plug in your Smart-Sensors or digital sensors, or pair your Bluetooth-enabled temperature data loggers, and place them as needed for monitoring.
  • Wireless sensors send their data via Bluetooth to the Cobalt X2 module, which transfers data from all the sensors over the network to the Cloud or your server (contact us for details).
  • The Cobalt X2 touch-screen shows readings and also allows you to acknowledge alarms if necessary (requires a PIN code).
  • The OCEAView web application enables you to manage your entire system, equipment, users, and data.
  • When excursions or other anomalies are detected, a highly visible color alert is displayed on the Cobalt X2 module, and you will also receive alerts 24/7 by e-mail or by SMS/text and/or voice message via the optional OCEAlert platform.

Cobalt X2 solution architecture | OCEASOFT


The benefits of Cobalt X2
  • Quick installation, easy to use
  • 2.4” color touch-screen for setup, viewing alarms and status, acknowledging alarms, and more
  • Wired sensors and/or Bluetooth wireless sensors
  • Monitors up to 4 pieces of equipment with 4 channels for single or dual digital sensors: temperature, relative humidity, CO2, 02, differential pressure, dry contact, 4-20 mA, 0-5 V, and 0-10 V
  • Real-time alarms and alerts
  • Secure, accessible, and auditable data
  • Robust LoRaWAN long-range wireless connectivity and integration with OCEAView web application for data and system management
  • Simplified maintenance with low power consumption and long battery life
  • Sensor exchange program for OCEASOFT recalibration
Technical details
  • Wireless data logger with 2.4” color touch-screen
  • Acknowledge alarms directly on module
  • Supports OCEASOFT Smart-Sensors, digital and Pt100 sensors, and OCEASOFT Atlas and Emerald wireless modules
  • Temperature ranges: External digital sensors: -40°C to +120°C. External Pt100 sensors: -200°C to +200°C
  • Unlimited storage on OCEACloud, backed by on-board memory for up to 16,000 readings (4,000 per channel)
  • LoRaWAN protocol featuring long-range wireless connectivity up to 16 km* LOS
  • Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) frequency bands with 2 international options: 868 MHz (Europe), 915MHz (US/CAN)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy wireless communication with range up to 50 meters line-of-sight
  • OCEAView web application for mission monitoring and data access
  • Data collected automatically via LoRaWAN and uploaded to OCEACloud via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or cellular network
  • Reports in Microsoft Excel compatible and PDF formats
  • Temperature displayed in °C or °F
  • Continuous monitoring with configurable read interval from 4 minutes to 4 hours (10 minute minimum on public LoRaWAN networks)
  • Alarm status displayed on module LCD with automatic alert transmission by e-mail; voice message or SMS/text by OCEAlert alert platform
  • Sensor calibration options by OCEASOFT laboratory: ISO/IEC 17025 (COFRAC) accredited, OCEASOFT certified, or NIST traceable
  • Operating conditions: 0°C to +50°C, 0% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
  • USB-powered, including AC adapter or replaceable Lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCI2) battery
  • Dimensions: 100.8 x 110.8 x 29.6 mm (4.0 x 4.4 x 1.1 in.) Weight w/battery: 180 g (6.4 oz.)
  • Mounting kit
  • Protection index: IP30, ABS casing
* LOS (Line-of-sight) estimate, depending on the environment and antenna orientation
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