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OCEAView, two applications for a complete Atlas and Emerald solution

Web and mobile apps for OCEASOFT Bluetooth-enabled data loggers

OCEAView: access to Atlas and Emerald recorded data - OCEASOFT
Real-time alarms & alerts icon - OCEASOFT
Apps, alert management, and automation tools
  • Worldwide, 24/7 access to data
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Real-time alerts, thanks to the watch mode
  • Web app (no installation or updates required)


OCEAView mobile and web applications give you complete control for your Atlas and Emerald Bluetooth-enabled data loggers, including mission configuration, management, and data access. 

  • Free mobile applicaton (iOS and Android)
  • Fast and easy access to missions
  • Intuitive programming
  • Mission templates
  • Watch-mode for delivery truck drivers
  • E-mail alerts generated by Cloud platform
  • Data logger fleet management
  • Remote data access via web application
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GDP


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How does OCEAView work?

  • OCEAView Mobile configures data logging missions, including the startup mode, for Atlas and Emerald Bluetooth-enabled data loggers.
  • When OCEAView Mobile reads your data loggers wirelessly, the data may be sent by e-mail and/or uploaded automatically to the secure OCEACloud platform.
  • You may then use the OCEAView web app in your regular browser to access all the missions transmitted to the Cloud, by any smartphone or tablet or via the automatic OCEABridge gateway (optional), which collects data from all Atlas and Emerald data loggers within wireless range.
  • The OCEAView web application also manages user accounts, data loggers, and reports in PDF, CSV, and XLS  formats.
  • The solution’s Watch Mode feature enables you to track data loggers, including location information from your smartphone or tablet for a convenient map view, along with readings, alarms, and other mission details. 
  • If anomalies or excursions are detected, alarms are sent by e-mail via the Cloud platform (after being pushed by your connected mobile device) . 


The benefits of OCEAView
  • Free OCEAView mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Fast access to readings, graph, alarm, and map
  • Mission templates for easy programming
  • Watch Mode for continuous monitoring during transport
  • E-mail alerts sent by OCEACloud when excursions are detected
  • Remote look-up and management using OCEAView Web.
  • Developed to respect FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GDP requirements
Technical details
  • Data loggers equipped with Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Free OCEAView mobile app download and upgrades
  • Intuitive mission programming with user-defined templates
  • Delayed data logging start options
  • Password protection for programming and stopping missions
  • Easy access to readings, events, and alarms
  • Store up to 5 missions in smartphone or tablet memory
  • Automatically transfer data to OCEASOFT’s secure OCEACloud platform
  • Values displayed in °C or °F, with local time or GMT
  • E-mail with complete mission report and attached CSV file
  • Activate Watch Mode for continuous monitoring during transport phases
  • Remote access to OCEAView web with your browser (Chrome , Safari, or Firefox)
  • Download reports in PDF, CSV, and XLS formats
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