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OCEAView Web for Cobalt X-series

OCEAView Web application for Cobalt X-series

OCEAView: access to Cobalt X-series recorded data - OCEASOFT
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OCEAView for Cobalt X-series data loggers is a complete web-based platform with all the configuration and monitoring functions you need for your Cobalt X-series equipment monitoring system.

  • Centralizes sensor readings, alarms, and other information sent by Cobalt X-series modules
  • Live dashboard lets you see system health and latest readings at a glance, with complete details, graphs, and audit trail
  • Management and daily use of your entire solution: sensors, data logging settings, alerts, equipment, configuration, users, reports, and more
  • Integrated with secure OCEACloud online platform, or installed on-premises on MS Windows web server at your own site

OCEAView is a web application for configuring and managing Cobalt X-series modules, and for accessing data.

  • Developed in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11, GxP, HACCP & FSMA guidelines
  • Audit trail, user-level security compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • Available as Cloud-based or on-premises solution
  • Auditable and customizable reports
  • Interface with third-party systems via API
  • Data logging with a focus on the equipment being monitored


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How it works?

  • Start by creating your company account in the OCEAView for CobaltX
  • web application and entering your voucher number to access Cloud services.
  • Use the interface to enter sensor serial numbers, describe the equipment you are monitoring, adjust data logging parameters, and add users.
  • When your Cobalt X modules establish their LoRaWAN™ network connection, their settings are updated, and data is loaded automatically into OCEAView.
  • Fine-tune your system settings in OCEAView for alerts, call-groups and scheduling, reports, calibration, site maps, and more.
The benefits of OCEAView Cobalt X
  • Fast 24/7 access to data logging information sent by Cobalt X modules, with detailed data, events, and graphs
  • Programmable alarm conditions: 3 high and 3 low limits for flexible excursion management
  • Developed in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11, GxP, HACCP & FSMA guidelines
  • Real-time notification: alarms immediately visible on dashboard and sent by e-mail (directly via OCEAView system), SMS/text, and voice message (via optional OCEAlert platform)
  • Interface with third-party systems via API
  • Associates sensors with equipment for intuitive everyday use
  • Equipment management and life-cycle tracking
  • Unlimited storage (when used with OCEACloud platform)
  • Available as Cloud-based or on-premises solution
Technical details
  • Complete reports in PDF, XLS, and CSV formats
  • Company management, user profiles, and access control
  • Sequential notification to call groups via OCEAlert platform
  • Sensor data includes Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT)
  • Regional preferences (date/time, decimal separator, °C/°F)
  • Sensor calibration and reminder
  • Complete Cobalt X module configuration with reusable templates, including sensor read frequency, transfer intervals, sensor value ranges and tolerance
  • Technical, sensor, communication and power outage alarms
  • Responsive design for use in standard web browsers
  • Flexible alert scheduling for work-days, weekends, night time, holidays, periods without alerts
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