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ThermoServer / ThermoClient, software suite for Cobalt 2 monitoring system

Complete configuration and data management tools for Cobalt 2 wireless data loggers

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  • Secure access to your data 24/7 
  • Scalable solution to handle sites with many sensors and receivers, as well as multiple sites
  • Detailed account and user management 
  • Dedicated metrology features to manage calibration


The ThermoServer / ThermoClient software suite is the foundation of OCEASOFT’s Cobalt 1 and Cobalt 2 wireless data logging solutions for monitoring temperature and other physical parameters. This advanced monitoring solution controls the entire system, including data management and system administration. 

  • Server and data centralized at client site or hosted on secure Cloud platform
  • Wireless data logger and receiver configuration
  • Complete user management 
  • Flexible alert strategies
  • Sensor calibration tracking
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11



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How does the ThermoServer/ThermoClient solution work?

  • All the information from Cobalt 2 data loggers is centralized and processed via the ThermoServer database.
  • Readings for temperature and other physical parameters collected by wireless sensor modules are sent to ThermoServer via wireless receivers.
  • Use the ThermoClient application for Windows to access data and manage every aspect of your system via your network or remotely over the Internet, including receivers, data loggers, users, alerts, and more. 
  • Any technical problems or excursion alarms are highlighted on the ThermoClient screen with easy-to-identify colors, and managed by a back-end Alarm Management System that supports a wide variety of alerts options, including wireless sirens, dry contact devices, and printouts, as well as e-mail, voice message, and SMS/text message.


The benefits of ThermoServer/ ThermoClient
  • Secure access to your data 24/7
  • Scalable solution to handle sites with many sensors and receivers, as well as multiple sites
  • Detailed account and user management
  • Dedicated metrology features to manage calibration
  • 24/7 alert notification in case of excursions or technical problems
  • Data centralized at client site or on OCEASOFT’s secure OCEACloud platform (OCEAHost option)
  • Developed in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GMP guidelines
Technical details
  • Complete user management (passwords, access rights, contact information)
  • Customizable dashboard display
  • Visual floor plan showing sensor and receiver locations
  • Configuration for all data logger parameters: upper and lower limits, reading intervals, transfer intervals, delays, etc.
  • Integration of correction coefficients and calibration information
  • Test tools to check system status: wireless communication, battery levels, data logger status, and alert strategies
  • On-demand read functionality and uninterrupted access to recorded data
  • Multiple printout options and reports in PDF, Word, XLS, and CSV formats
  • Audit trail look-up and export
  • Alert notifications via e-mail, SMS/text message, printouts, fax, or voice message in case of technical problems or limit excursions Support for wireless siren and dry contact alert devices
  • Alert management and acknowledgment
  • Easy installation-free ThermoClient installation
  • Compatible with Cobalt 1 and Cobalt 2
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